Moderation Bug - Cannot Accept Knocking Invite


I have noticed a bug since the recent UI update was released for the Jitsi Meet Iframe.

When using moderation and being the only one in the meeting, the “You are the only one in the meeting” with “Invite More People” button popup covers the Knocking Participant List. This makes it so you cannot accept or decline those looking to join the meeting.

It seems that if the popup saying you are the only one in the meeting is moved back to the top as it previously was, it should resolve the issue. What may be cleanest and make the most sense, is to hide the pop-up when the knocking participant list is present.

I have included a screenshot and video you can see above. I like many others I’m sure have functionality in my project that is now broken because of this and updates we’d love to release that are being held up because of tis.

I appreciate the help and look forward to seeing this resolved.


This is hardly a general problem for people using the UI in a browser. Since you are embedding Jitsi-meet, can’t you hide the ‘you are alone in the meeting’ message ?
From the doc:

You can override options set in the config.js file and the interface_config.js file using the configOverwrite and interfaceConfigOverwrite objects, respectively.

and use

it’s not exactly a life saving feature since your users are joining by clicking a link in your web page it seems.