Moderated meetings

I try to install the moderated meetings. While reading the documentation, I didn’t understand some things. Maybe someone can explain me details.

a) I try to install the moderated meetings on a different server and not on my jitsi server, is it ok?
b) In the config there are some values I’m not sure what to write there.

DEPLOYMENT_URL= // with or without https?
PRIVATE_KEY_FILE=/pathtomy/ // on the server where moderated meetings is installed?
TARGET_TENANT=moderated // any string used as a subdirectory?

Thanks in advance

Hi Daniel,

a) Yes, it’s fine to run it on a different server.


  • URL should includes https
  • PORT - whatever port the REST endpoint is listening for. this is by default HTTP, not HTTPS. if you want to use SSL you will need to configure Spring Boot to provide it, ref: Spring Boot Reference Documentation
  • PRIVATE_KEY_FILE - yes, this is the full path to the key
  • PRIVATE_KEY_ID - this is the name (id) of the key
  • TARGET_TENANT - this is any string as a prefix for moderated meetings, in your example you would end up with moderated meetings pointing at[meeting_name]

Hope that helps!

Thank you @mirth for your explanation. I cancelled the project. I wanted to install this on my plesk server, but it seems to be too difficult for me.