Moderated meetings when using docker

I’m having trouble deploying moderated meetings using docker. Jitsti-meet ver. stable-8044-1 installs seamlessly, but after building and running moderated meetings (GitHub - jitsi/moderated-meetings: Jitsi Moderated Meetings microservice) I’m stuck on installing jitsi-meet-tokens. When I ssh into the prosody container and run apt-get install jitsi-meet-tokens I got the error “jitsi-meet-prosody not configured” Also from what I can see jitsi-meet supports jwt authentication out of the box (as described in Self-Hosting Guide - Docker | Jitsi Meet) but if I set JWT_APP_ID and JWT_APP_SECRET then where do I find the .der file for PRIVATE_KEY_FILE

Hey there!

You don’t need to install that package. The private key is something you need to provide yourself, generate it outside of the container, and pass it.

Can you tell me how and where to generate the private key in .der format

Check this thread