Mobile video is garbled in portrait mode

This happens when certain phones connect to a meeting and are in portrait mode (when they switch to landscape the image is clear and unbroken). What could be the issue?? It also happens on

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Is the mobile participant using the mobile web or the app?


We have seen this behavior as well on the mobile web Chrome browser. Interestingly, rotating to landscape mode resolves the issue. Rotate back to portrait mode and it fluctuates between working okay and distorted.

Observed on Android 11 on Pixel 2 and Pixel 3. Happens with the latest Jitsi Meet release and well as the last two releases. (Though I am not convinced it’s necessarily a Jitsi issue)

Just to clarify, this is with the browser, not the app, right?

Yes, chrome browser on mobile. Haven’t tested other browsers

Yes. Mobile Chrome browser.

Then there is not much we can do, it’s most likely a browser issue or we’d be getting similar reports in desktop browsers.