Mobile Video Freezing

I have noticed an issue when using the public instance. The video on mobile is freezing/lagging when I move the camera. It also reduces the Video quality from HD to SD or LD if the camera is moving. When the camera is completely still the Video goes back to HD.
This does not happen on the desktop. Is this a known limitation on mobile? OR is this a limitation due to the public instance?

Could be related to bandwidth. More movement would imply more packets since the image is constantly changing.

I have noticed that the connection is Good on mobile so it’s not a network connection issue as I get the HD video as soon as the camera is still for a few seconds. It’s only when the camera is moving just a little bit which is expected while joining the meeting from mobile.

Can there be any solution to this problem?

What device do you experience this on? Have you tried other devices? I cannot reproduce this on my end.

iPhone X IOS v14.8 on Safari v14.8
MI Android 10 QP1A.190711.020 on Chrome v94.0.4606.85

One question, if it would have been a bandwidth issue then the signal shouldn’t be showing Good, right?

Ah wait, you are using the mobile browser? Unfortunately there is not much we can do since we have no control over what the browser does.

Have you tried the mobile apps?

@saghul Yeah I mentioned Chrome browser. My use case is with the browser-based view and not the mobile app. Can something be done to make it better on mobile browsers?

I honestly don’t know.