Mobile users don't end up in same room as Desktop users

Thanks a lot, this is awesome.
I must be doing something wrong!
If I connect https://my.jjj.server/room from Chrome on Windows 10 and connect to the very same room from Android app I end up in “different”, unconnected stanzas.

More Desktop users will meet in the “first” room, more Mobile users will meet in the “second” one…
Thank you for helping out!
Cheers and good luck

What room do you end up in? (ccheck your prosody and jicofo logs)

Hello and thank you!
The logs are unchanged when connecting form Mobile!
Wireshark shows that TLS negotiation fails with "TLSv1.2 Record Layer: Alert (Level: Fatal, Description: Certificate Unknown)"

I have the same problem and found out, it helps to uninstall and install the Jitsi Meet Android App.
Then it will work as long es you do not stop the app.

After you stopped it once or Android stopped the background Task you have to install it again…