Mobile SDK Recording

How to configure the Recording
where does the recording go?
can I save the recording in local files?
can I save the recording in my self-hosted server and how?
and can I use something other than jibri?

The mobile SDK has the same features as the web, except local recording.

You need Jibri to record meetings.

We can’t use any other service than jibri?!

A service like what exactly? Jitsi Meet has never supported recording via anything other than Jibri, so I’m not sure what you are asking.

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what I mean is jibri is not good with scalability ( It is intended to be run on a separate machine (or a VM), with no other applications using the display or audio devices. Only one recording at a time is supported on a single jibri. )

So if we have a 100 meeting running we need a 100 VM

what am asking is
is there any other way to make recordings or make it more scalable ?!!

You can run the Docker version, which doesn’t have that limitation. You’d need 100 containers, but you can run multiple Jibris in a single host without any device problems since we switched to PulseAudio.

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