Mobile Jitsi Meet SDK - Should 'disabledNotifications' be honored?

Should ‘disabledNotifications’ be honored in the Android/iOS SDK version 6.0.0?

For example, in config.js, add the following:

disabledNotifications: [

When a user is kicked from the conference the message is still displayed.

Is disabledNotifications something thats only honored in the web app? Should it also work in the SDK?

(In case you were wondering: its self-hosted, running the latest release as of today)

It should, yeah. Are you seeing otherwise?

Yeah. I still get the message. I glanced at the code and I thought it should have worked (since it looks like they both share showNotification())

Can anyone else reproduce this issue? I’d like to confirm before opening a bug

The commit in question: feat(notifications) add ability to disable specific notifications · jitsi/jitsi-meet@0512746 · GitHub is present in the iOS and Android 6.0 SDKs, so it could be a bug.

I opened a ticket and tried to keep the scope small. The code looks good to me so I must be missing something.

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Replied, you found an interesting edge case!