Mobile integration diverges from web integration

Hi jitsi community!
I have correctly installed the secure domain using JWT token authentication and I have correctly made some changes on the jitsi source by removing the ok and cancel button in the moderator wait popup. I made these changes on both the web and native side. The web side works correctly (photo web) but I’m having a problem with the integration with both the jitsi_meet library of flutter (jitsi_meet | Flutter Package) and with the official sdk for android and ios. With android, if I use the webview it obviously works (photo android webview).
What can it depend on?

The Italian translation has been changed but in iOS it seems to use the default translation.

You’d need to modify the native sources (they are shared with the web) then build the iOS SDK, then integrate that SDK into the Flutter package. We don’t maintain that package so I have no idea how to do that.

I have already modified the native sources. I try to compile the sdks and use these instead of the original ones. Thank you.