Mobile devices need an app to use Jitsi why?


I am just curious why i need mobile app to use Jitsi. I really hate this is there any reason for this



Hi Vibhi, and welcome to our forum.

I can dive into speciofics, but it all comes down to being able to deliver a good mobile experience to our users.

On iOS WebRTC has only been available recently, and it didn’t support critical features we needed, such as VP8 support. Even now that VP8 support ios there, we cannot rely on the update pace that iOS has since WebRTC moves faster, so having our own implementation gives us the flexibility to move at our own pace, in addition to having consistency across Android and iOS since we use the same implementation.

Then there is the lack of APIs we need: proximity, share (just got added to Safari 12.2), background execution.

While we may eventually enable the use of the web app on mobile, the bext experience will always be with the app.

I hope that explains.


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True, Apps Going to deliver much faster and smoother experience although you only talked about IOS and Safari and there is Android and Firefox and Chrome used too in great number.



Sorry I wasn’t clear enough. The lack of APIs and control over the WebRTC version also apply to Android.

While this is somewhat mitigated by the nascent mobile PWAs, I don’t think they are on par yet UX wise fill fully fledged apps, at least in the context of real-time communications.