Mobile device - Jitsi Meet is not able to access the Cam

In some Android and iOS devices, Jitsi is not able to access the Cam, However, on Cam is accessible

  1. we have given all the permission
  2. we clear the cache, cookies, remove all sites accessing cam
  3. Uninstall cam related apps

Error Message-

“we are unable to access your camera please check if another application is using this device”

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Hello, I have the same access problem on my phone, but on other phones you have normal access.
I really believe that other applications are affecting the phone. But it is strange because in my case the JITSI instance doesn’t just work on Google Chrome, but it works on Samsung Browser

From July few users reports this issue “Unable to access camera”. One day stop working suddenly. But other users with the same version of Chrome still working… :frowning:

@damencho Can you please help?