Mobile dev with Reactive Native vs React with webview for Android and iOS?

Hi community team,

I was hoping to get the community’s opinion on something please.

In 2022 do you feel it’s better to build iOS and Android apps with WebRTC for Reactive Native vs React with webview?

Reason for asking is we have a heavily customized jitsi experience on web and electron for desktop in one codebase and then for iOS/Android via React Native with another codebase.

The idea is if we switch our mobile apps to Reactive with webview for Android and iOS we could manage the single web based codebase (with some mobile customizations), is there any downsides to this?

From the research we’ve done so far. Some potential downsides are…

Anything else to consider?

Also any media performance or stability issues we may face with webview?

Thanks so much for everything you do, we appreciate the help.


You summarized it pretty well.

To add, with a WebView you are not in control of the updates, with RN you are, since your app is running the WebRTC version you depend on, not whatever Apple wants, with new unexpected bugs :slight_smile: