Mobile Call during Ongoing Jitsi VC Disables (?) Recipient's Audio

Seek the help of Forum on this issue faced on Oneplus, Samsung. (Havent checked on other mobile.)

In an ongoing selfhosted Jitsi VC, when the recipient answered a call on his mobile phone, after the call was over, recipient wasnt able to hear me. Even after exiting and reentering the meeting, he wasnt able to hear. But on restarting the phone, all was fine again.

When we tried the same on my two diff devices, we found the same problem. I think audio wasnt disabled but audio goes to ‘phone’ mode’ and doesnt come back to ‘speaker mode’, once the mobile call is over. And because it is a video conference and phone is away from our ear, we cant hear any sound.

Just a hunch.

Request help pl.

Perhaps test with another phone just to rule out a phone-specific problem?

Checked on two other devices Redmi. Same issue.

In midst of a VC, if the person gets a call, then after the call is over, when person resumes VC session, sound becomes substantially lower. Almost as if speaker has been to minimum.

Any help?