Mobile browser (Chrome,Safari) not support screen sharing

Screen Sharing perfectly work when I use on my laptop or desktop, but the screen sharing for same URL not works for me on my mobile browser. please help me .

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I belive you need the jitsi extension to share your screen.

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Can you tell the steps to integrate jitsi extension for mobile browser.

Well you can’t really integrate it into your mobile browser but you will need to jitsi app to do so. Here’s an example:

I need screen sharing option

there is one, I think it may be in beta only though, please correct me if wrong.

The Monitor button

In mobile browser view option is given but not work.

Why are you using the Browser instead of the app?

I am on the beta so I think it works in beta

I want to build class room app. for that i need this feature in web and android sdk. but it is not available in android sdk.

How to get beta version