Mobile App & Web Browser mix - Kills mobile video feed

I hope I didn’t miss this in a search or doc somewhere.
Self hosted.
Everyone can join from the web browser no problem.
We can do one mobile app and one web browser.
We also can do two mobile apps with video.
But when you mix PC browser and mobile, it kills the mobile video feed.
The mobile devices cannot see any video from anyone and browsers can only see other browsers.
Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-91-generic x86_64)
Behind a firewall with a virtual public ip mapped to internal private ip.
NGINX Web server.
UFW firewall is allowing all ports and Fortinet firewall is policed to allow the required ports.

Thank you.

I’m experiencing the same issue. I’m currently using the IOS app. When I join from the mobile device, almost acts as if the conference crashes for everyone else. Self hosted with plenty of bandwidth. happens on same lan…so network, nat, etc is unlikley the cause. I’ve tired limiting resolution, disabling simulcast, perfering h264, etc . Happens with as few as 2 users and 1 mobile. Running current version fron stable branch on ubuntu 18.04. Happy to provide anything else I can. Thanks

I solved my issue after I did a bit of digging and seen that UDP traffic wasn’t being forwarded properly to my server. I had written the proper policies for TCP and UDP traffic but I than noticed that the NAT wasn’t setup to allow UDP traffic. After correcting that problem, I have had over 10 people in a con call with mix devices and it worked great. I hope this info helps.

I would check TCP and UDP ports on both your edge device (Firewall) and your ubuntu firewall.

Thanks. I’m running jitsi behind a HAproxy, which can’t proxy udp. I’m using the TCP port 4443. instead of the udp ports…maybe the app doesn’t like tcp? I’ll give things a try without the proxy and with udp. Thanks

I watch my traffic on the firewall today and It would spawn a new session per user on UDP port 10000.
I also proxy but with NGINX.
I hope this info helps you.

I upgraded jitsi to the latest stable, and the app seems to be working now without crashing the meeting. I’m still proxying using tcp…