Mobile app for iOS doesn't like h264

I’m exeriencing an odd issue with the mobile app. when using the prefer h246 and disabling simulcast, the mobile device will recieve the streams from others without a problem for a few minutes…then it appears to stop showing video of others, but it is still sending video. I’ve been able to reproduce this regularly. any thoughts?

  1. On your own server or on public jitsi one?

  2. Does your device support h264 codec?

  3. Which device are you using?

Better have more informations to identify what’s the problem

selfhosted with current stable

iPhone does’t express much. iOS version, application or web? device model?

current version of jitsi app . ios 13.3.1 iphone 7

IIRC our H.264 support is not great on the JVB. Hence, we only use H.264 for p2p calls, which don’t involve the bridge, and only on iOS because IIRC we had problems with Android.

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