Mobile (Android) authentication using custom server issue

We have found an issue in mobile application when using authentication on custom jitsi-meet server.
We have delivered custom server with authentization using LDAP. In general it works using browser and mobile application.
If we use full URL (domain/room) in the room name, the information that the room has not been started appears and we have to login. In next step login dialog appears. After filling the correct login information it stucks with “Obtaining session-id…”. Does not matter if the room is already created/opened or not and does not matter if the custom server URL(domain) in application settings is set or not.
If we set custom server URL (domain) in application settings and use only the room name in the room name it works as expected.

We haven’t experienced this issue in iOS.

The point is to use it with https://. If you use it without prefix https://, it doesn’t work. Not tested in iOS.