Missing video when starting Jitsi video call activity

I have an issue with video calls. Everytime I start the meeting video fades out in a couple of seconds. The issue appears when the call is made between a mobile app user and a web application user. If a call is made between two users on a mobile app and between two users on web app everything works fine. Audio also works without issues. On the web app if I change iframe’s container width up to a certain amount the video appears on the web app but not on the mobile app.
it used to work cross-platform earlier, but apparently something has been updated. Has anyone ever met with such a thing?

my web app config:

        roomName: call_id,
        width: 700,
        height: 700,
        lang: 'de',
        noSSL: false,
        userInfo: {
          displayName: this.profile.name,
        configOverwrite: {
          enableNoisyMicDetection: false,
          prejoinPageEnabled: false,
          disableDeepLinking: true,
          // flags
        interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
          SHOW_JITSI_WATERMARK: false,
        onload: this.onIFrameLoad

my mobile app config:

            serverURL: "https://meet.jit.si",
            room: this.room,
            lang: 'de',
            displayName: this.user.name,
            audioMuted: false,
            videoMuted: false,
            welcomePageEnabled: false,
            subject: this.room,
            audioOnly: false,
            //token: "your jwt token, if you have one",
            flags: {
              "chat.enabled": false,
              "invite.enabled": false,
              "kick-out.enabled": false,
              "live-streaming.enabled": false,
              "pip.enabled": false,
              "raise-hand.enabled": false,
              "recording.enabled": false,
              "video-share.enabled": false,
              "add-people.enabled": false,
              "calendar.enabled": false,
              "meeting-name.enabled": true,
              "video-share.enabled": false,
              "meeting-password.enabled": false,
              "toolbox.alwaysVisible": true

Are you using the latest SDK release?

I’m using the Cordova plugin.

How can I check version? Sorry, I’m not a Java developer :cry:

I’m not sure, but I found this one in the library code.

That is too old, you need to update to latest. This plugin is not something we maintain, sorry.

Oh, thank you for your help. May you advise another plugin please? :pray:

This is the official guide for mobile development

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