Missing the recording

I run a 1 hour session yesterday, SpareDoubtsCondemnThoroughly , and the local recording supposedly started well. But after closing the session I cannot find the recording, neither of my Dropbox as usual nor on my PC as a download.
Any help much appreciated.

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Did you end the recording before closing the session?

Yes Freddie, I think so.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to be sure to actually end recording, otherwise, the file doesn’t get downloaded.

Ok Freddie

Do I need to wait for some message acknowledging the end of the recording?
Is there any way to get this file now, it was important for a certificaion exam I am preparing…



You’d need to click “Stop Recording”, at which point you’ll (sometimes) get a voice confirmation that recording has been stopped. You also get a text notification and the system auto-downloads your recording. I’m not sure there’s any way to retrieve that file now, sorry. Not sure if you noticed it, but when you started recording, you’d have gotten two text notifications - one confirming that recording has started, and the second one, advising that you have to stop the recording to save the file:


Clear, thx Freddie.
Too bad…

hi fraddie , what if i already stop the record but the file does not been downloaded ?