Missing share audio checkbox while screenshare on jitsi electron app for linux and mac os

I have installed the Jitsi electron app on Linux and Mac from this link: GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron: Jitsi Meet desktop application powered by, but the share audio checkbox is missing during screenshare.
Is there any configuration by which I can enable it?

The share audio feature is internal to the browser.
If that is missing, it is missing in electron.

Thanks for the reply.
Can I use this package GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron-sdk: Jitsi Meet SDK for Electron to implement audio sharing with screenshare on Linux and Mac Os?

Well, if that is missing in Electron there is nothing we can do. You need to first submit a patch to Electron to start supporting it …

Electron has an API for capturing system audio, which can be found at desktopCapturer | Electron.

And I’m not sure how to integrate this with Jitsi because, while Jitsi has devices (array of devices - “desktop,” “video,” and “audio” that will be passed to GUM), it lacks an API where I can use electron api.

That’s why I asked about GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron-sdk: Jitsi Meet SDK for Electron, a package provided by jitsi for electron.

Will this work as an alternative to capturing system audio?

@damencho Is there any update on above query?

Nope, I guess this needs to be tested and it implemented in the code about the electron desktop picker. The thing is this works only for Windows.

Ok thanks for reply. Is there any solution for linux or macos?

You’ve asked this same question several times in several different threads and have gotten the same answer with the same explanation from different people (and even a link detailing why), yet you continue to ask and ask again. Not sure if you’re thinking asking repeatedly will change the facts. This is an OS-level constraint, independent of Jitsi.

I asked this question on someone else’s thread, but I didn’t get a proper response. You said it wasn’t possible and wasn’t related to jitsi, so I asked another question, but no response.
Then I started my own thread (second time). You’ve mentioned the same.
I mentioned that it is unrelated to electron because electron has a desktop capture API. This audio sharing feature is possible because I built it with webrtc and peerjs. So, how come it isn’t possible with Jitsi?
Anyway, Is it possible to use the getusermedia, getdisplaymedia, and desktopcapture APIs instead of the jitsi devices array? By this I can use the core apis directly and then it will work.

It isn’t several times, but I apologise if you feel that way. I’m curious developer.

Just because the answer you got is not what you want to hear does not make it an improper response.

I have no intention of going back and forth with you. It’s just not judicious use of people’s time. You’ve been given an answer and told why.

I haven’t gotten any reply to these.
Screen sharing not working with jitsi-meet-electron on local server - #15 by Suraj_Singh

If you still thinking same you may choose not to reply