Minimum Version of MAC OSX to use Jitsi Meet?

Does anybody know the minimum version of MAC OSX to use Jitsi Meet ?
Trying to connect from an IMAC with MAC OS 10.7.5 (Lion), when clicking on the jitsi room Iink, I cannot access it. I just get a grey screen and no sound when I try to connect to a room.
My camera is working as I can see my face in Facetime.
Any clue ?

Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) supports WebRTC so that would be the minimum version I guess.

My 2 cents.

Thanks Xienixhier for your 2 cents supposition :slight_smile:

Any clue if this MAC OS X (RTP) upgrade will be needed also for the other conference rooms (Zoom, skype, facetime…) ?

Issue is this is my Mum IMAC and with the Covid19, I cannot go there so trying to access it remotely. I tried the other visio conference tools but nothing seems to work with this MAC OS Lion. If someone has a good idea ?

As far as I know, every modern video conference software package uses WebRTC.
Then (probably) remain: Zoom and Skype.
You could try that …