Minimal jitsi-videobridge client


Could you help me figure out how to build a minimal web application using jitsi-videobridge?
How to convert COLIBRY to SDP?
Could you point me to the source code or documentation?
Are there any examples?


There’s 2 high-level aspects to a jitsi-meet client: the signaling and the media. JVB handles the media, and that connection is established via ICE. It’s Jicofo, though, that handles the signaling. So we don’t convert SDP to colibri directly, we convert SDP to jingle on the clients, which is sent to Jicofo. Jicofo converts that jingle into colibri to allocate resources for the client on the bridge itself and get information about the bridge (part of which is used in the creation of a session-accept jingle message, which is tuned into an SDP answer on the client.

Will you be using Jicofo as well? If not, you’ll want to write some other entity to fill that role.

In the end I need to call setRemoteDescription(SDP) with remote SDP wich came from jvb.
In case of using jicofo it is required to convert xmpp (jingle) into SDP.
How I can convert xmpp (jingle or colibri) to SDP?

You’ll have to look at how the jitsi-meet code does that.

As far as I understand, jitsi-meet is JavaScript.
Is there any Java code in JItsi or some Java libraries that implement this task?

Could you advise me on the java library for converting sdp to jingle (colibri) and vice versa?

We don’t have one. We do this on the client (in javascript)

Do you mean this?

SDP.prototype.toJingle = function(elem, thecreator) 
SDP.prototype.fromJingle = function(jingle)

Is there a clear Java library for converting SDP to Jabber and vice versa?