Mikrotik WiFI drops on large Jitsi videoconferences

Hi everyone,
I’m running into a weird issue with my Mikrotik 751U-2HnD where the WiFI network on the router drops for about a minute during large Jitsi Meet videoconferences of around 20 users. There is nothing interesting in the router’s logs, and the router itself does not crash or reboot, just all connected devices show that the network is gone. It’s not extremely common, and it seems to correspond to when most of those 20 users enable their video.

Obviously, this isn’t Jitsi’s fault, but I’m trying to figure out what exactly Jitsi is doing that is making my router glitch or overload. Is it because of the all the P2P UDP traffic? I don’t have a lot of non-standard firewall rules or anything else on the router that would make it use excessive CPU and/or RAM. Obviously it’s not a new router, but it’s been 100% reliable and is running the latest version of RouterOS.

Thanks a lot for any tips you might have.

A lot and small packets is possible to overload it …