Migrating virtual Jitsi instance to Intranet

We have installed jitsi on a virtual drive and it is working fine with self signed certificate. Now we want to use this instance within our intranet but have to change the host IP address to match our intranet.
Can someone help me with steps that would be required to migrate the IP and the self signed certificate to new IP.
Thank you

Did you customize anything? One thing you could do is reinstall and just apply the new config.

Thank you for your response. There is no customization done. Unfortunately internet in not available after the VM is loaded in intranet. Tried offline installation however did not work. the page opens but once the conference is initiated the something has gone wrong, reloading. appears.
Appears to be more of certificate configuration issue as the IP has to be modified.

That’s one weird environment :slight_smile: You can recreate the certs like so: jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet-web-config.postinst at b259757c79540f8989da4d3aa403e02bb376f3ce · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub