Migrating Jitsi disk to a new machine

I have a self hosted Jitsi meet server in my private lan that works fine across the Internet. All the settings of the router like port forwarding are fine. It also has the sources and I can recompile them in order to produce a fresh executables.

I want to use it in another PC but after installing it it doesn’t work and event doesn’t support networking. I can enable networking by “sudo ip link set dev eno1 up” and “sudo dhclient eno1”.
But than it receives a different local IP address than it should and Jitsi server doesn’t work.
Any workaround?
I. Lesher

You need to be more specific what’s not working?
The only place where you can specify the local ip is the jvb configuration with public and private ip. You may need to update that one and your router port forwarding to the new machine.

IIUC your interface name is changed. You need to find old one in config files and change it. It seems this is not related with Jitsi, Linux issue…

Thx. Your advise worked