Migrate away from multiplexing and turn setup

Hello community,
We have self hosted jitsi meet stable version on single server , I faced troubles with websockets so I followed this document

and that solved the websocket problem but we are facing problems with users behind corporate firewalls so i found this
Setting up TURN · Jitsi Meet Handbook to setup turn to fix this problem

but I see conflicting between these 2 setups one of them remove mutiplexing the second add it
so is there configuration steps to setup turn without mutplexing ? that can fix both websocket and enable turn in the same time

thanks alot

It is different in the details Setting up TURN · Jitsi Meet Handbook

So this is using second dns and the stream from the turn dns is directly forwarded to the turn server. Where the multiplexing before was done based on an apn field that some browsers do not set which was causing many issues and was preventing websocket from working.