Mics lost if callstats.io enabled

After enabling callstats.io in my server some users, me included, complains because in the middle of conference they lost his mic and the other assistants can’t hear them. Cameras still working and they can see and hear the other assistants.

Hanging up the conference and rejoin it doesn’t solve the problem. Users must close their browser and reopen the session in order to get back their mics.

Few days ago I activated the callstats.io in the clients. Now I have disabled callstats.io and everything seems to be working ok.

Can callstats.io make this problems with mics? Somebody else with the same problem?

Last days callstats.io was with problems and reports was refreshed with some latency (several hours). I asked and they said me than they were experiencing a high load, that no data has been lost and it was been queued for processing.

My computer is Ubuntu 16.04 and the browser was Chromium 80.0.3987.149.

Thank you in advance