Microsoft Windows XP

Hi, Jitsi meet doesn’t work. I have a PC with windows XP installed. I have tried with different browsers (IE 7, Chrome and Firefox). but when I click on the “Start a Call” button a gray window appears and I can’t do anything, there is nothing.
please I need help because my kids with the Corona Virus affair have to attend online school lessons. Thanks

I’m sorry to say you, but Windows XP is dismissed since many years, plus also Windows 7 has been dismissed from Microsoft from some years too.

Moreover Google has stopped maintaining Linux 32 bit version of Chrome…

Try download Chromium and if you’re lucky it will be a bit more updated, otherwise you should start thinking in:

  • Insall a x64 version of linux IF your PC has a 64 bit compatible hardware
  • Install a x86 (32 bit) thin version of linux like DeepIn
  • Install an android based PC OS.
  • Change your PC with a newer one.

I’m sorry but you’ll never be able to let it work on XP

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Thank you very much!!!

You’re welcome :blush: