Microsoft Edge works as it is on Chromium now?


I was wondering, as Edge is chromium based since January of this year, isn’t Edge support just possible out of the box?
If you connect with Edge you still get the error message that it is not supported, right?

In many public sectors people still use MS browsers…


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Anyone? :slight_smile:

Or at least dont show the ‘You must use FF or chrome’ message as it actually works on edge (latest release) fine

“Edgium” shouldn’t be showing any warnings at this point, are you seeing them? Which Edge version?

I’m 100% sure that they’re not using the NEW edge based on Chromium, since as for now it has to be upgraded manually

Only if you had upgraded it manually to the new one based on chromium, it’s not yet an automatic and forced replace.

Their fault, anyway in that case maybe they’re using a Windows version with no Edge at all, like on LTSB ones…