Microphone Too Loud Notification During Meeting

During meeting – Host (me) and one other participant – i often get a notification that my microphone/speaker is too loud. The speaker volume is set for the lower decibel range and is the lowest that enables us to hear each other clearly. Also, I sometimes hear a buzzing sound, and the other participant says there is the sound of singing birds, although neither of us hears birds in our environment. Is someone hacking the meeting?

LOL… one of you likely has some media playing in the background that you weren’t paying attention to. Perhaps sound from another browser tab opened?

No, there is no media, and we both have a quiet environment. I don’t speak Geekese, but I am not an idiot.

You don’t have to “speak Geekese” or be “an idiot” to overlook a tab with background sound. It’d seem even more implausible that someone is repeatedly “hacking” your meeting every time you use Jitsi. One participant hears “singing birds” but the other doesn’t; if there was an intruder in your meeting, everyone in the meeting would see/hear them. But hey, what do I know? :man_shrugging:t5:

Actually, I didn’t say that we heard unidentified sounds during every meeting. We did not overlook a tab. There were no other tabs open. I asked about the possibility of an intrusion into our meeting. I am surprised to encounter this level of rudeness at a Jitsi Community Forum.

As per my initial question, we would like to know what might be the cause of these sounds. Is encryption still in beta?

Did you use a public server or it was your own deployment?

There is a mandatory encryption on WebRTC, so all calls are encrypted. If you mean the end-to-end encryption, which adds a second layer of encryption and prevents any intrusion in the middle - this feature is live on meet.jit.si, AFAIK, so the source of the noises should come from somewhere else.

BTW I found from experience that some sounds that are barely noticeable from me can have a lot of impact on the call experience for the other participants. For example a running aircon or maybe a nearby power supply can emit noises that I tend to neglect, but they reach other participants amplified and a bit distorted - this could be the issue you have.

I would suggest to try and isolate the potential noise sources and test to check if this has effect. REally, it can be something small and neglected. Jitsi does some audio processing, there is some echo cancellation etc., which could lead to these distracting noises on the other side.