Microphone threshold config to suppress background noises?

I have a working jitsi meet setup. Running on a debian 10 VPS-server, I followed the jitsi documentation and the installation video “How to Install Jitsi Meet on your own Linux Server”. I have applied some tweaks to ‘interface_config’ which also work as desired. So far I’m really pleased!

I wonder if there is any option to play around with the microphone threshold for all participants? I’m using jitsi during these corona times with home-based colleagues who have their children also at home, so there are inevitable backgound noises. It would be great to be able to set some threshold for all microphones during group calls!? I assume there may be an option in /etc/jitsi/meet/[mydomain]-config.js?


Any idea regarding this?
@Woodworker_Life have you work this out somehow?