Microphone permission denied on angular android app

I’m having some issues with microphone permission on android devices. I’m implementing an android app on Ionic using angular. I checked the app settings and it looks like the permissions for mic and camera are granted, but when try to access the microphone in my app I get an popup saying that permission for microphone it’s not granted.

I assume you are using some kind of package? We don’t provide any SDK for Ionic.

Sorry! I forgot to mention. I’m loading the url in an iframe. And I’m getting the url from my Laravel backend by API.

For iframe API, the iframe API creates the iframe itself and sets what is needed.

Maybe you are missing any of those.
It is a good idea to use the iframeAPI as you will have more control over the APP and let it create the iframe.

I’ll try this and then come back with updates. Thanks!

Unfortunately, after following the documentation for the iframe API, I still can’t manage to get the thing working, it has the same behaviour.

You are suing everything under https, right?

Yes, otherwise I think It wouldn’t work in the web to.

Do you have any ionic permissions module you can use to grant permissions? Your app will need to have the permissions listed in the manifest too.

I have one that ask’s for all needed permissions

Did you list them in the app manifest?

Yes, I have them. I found a walkaround for this. So when the page is loaded I start the audio recording and stop it with a media module and it looks like the iframe it’s getting the microphone permission.
Sorry for trouble and thanks for helping me!

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