Microphone not working with bluetooth handset on Honor 8X with EMIU

It was working as a charm witn AndroidOne device, but it was broken and i switched to Honor 8x with EMUI 9.1.0.
Now I can hear people, but they can’t hear me while on bluetooth. With internal mic it works.

Trying to select audio device:

Any idea how to fix it?

Hum, the fact that you see no devices there suggests our integration with ConnectionServices failed alogn the way.

Does restarting the phone solve it?

Any chance you could get us adb logs?

Tried restart, no luck.

Sure, np with adb logs will provide as soon I get usb cable - i’m out w/o any cable on hands.

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Meanwhile, this one comes out while connecting

never saw it on previous device.

Your 2 issues are related. That is also ConnectionService related :cry: It shouldn’t be shown, but some manufacturers seem to have rather poor implementations.

adb logcat grepped for ‘jitsi’:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kIkLiIhmiNA9cb0Tx0LiGBWON14awnyB/view grepped for jitsi.

is that enough? How can I help debugging that?

@saghul could you pls tell what direction should I move to fix it?

It completely breaks my workflow for company meetings :frowning:

Sorry about that. At the moment all you can do is wait :-/ I’m currently working on a way to disable it altogether.

any progress here?

As a matter of fact yes! You can now go into Settings -> Toggle advanced settings -> Toggle disable native Call integration.