Micro cuts of the audio in the streaming from Jitsi to Youtube

Hello everyone, first I want to tell you that we are using Jitsi at a University in Argentina with great success and satisfaction.

I would like to ask you about a specific problem that we have detected with the latest version of Jitsi Meet.

When we are streaming to YouTube we find small micro-cuts in the audio.

Could you guide us to see what is causing this problem?

Thank you!

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We had seen that and the problem was when you configure the event in youtube to be in low latency you see those. If you change it to be something else those disappear.

Thank you very much @damencho for your answer. We have tried changing the latency type from low to normal and we see that the micro audio cut persists. We are reviewing all the configuration to see if we can solve it but even today the problem persists.