Message "Trail Version" on member sessions

Help help…i am totaly confused. Set up a JITSI meeting and everthing worked fine but if my team member getting in they got allways a stupid voice message TRIAL VERSION. I tryed really everthing but i couldn’t find a solution. Boring…Please give me a hand…

Best regards Peer

What did you setup exactly? And where do you hear this message? I cannot recall having this message anywhere?

I’m having exactly the same problem, Peer. Any help from anyone?

You have to answer the damencho’s question to get help. There is not enough detail to fix the issue.

Did any member use IVCam app for the Camera ?
IVCAM generates the sound “trail version” in the free version. You can use the IVCam for Camera but should use another microphone input.

Yes, I did! Maybe this is the problem.
Many thanks.