Meeting URL does not launch Android Jitsi Meet app

Starting about a month ago several participants report trouble getting into meetings on Android.

I’m running an instance of jitsi on a remote host at “”. The same host serves other sites as well, in particular, “”.

The meeting URL link is sent to the user in an email or text message. As expected the link launches a web page with a button labeled “Join this meeting using the app”. However tapping the button doesn’t activate the Jitsi Meet app, rather redirects to “”, definitely not what’s intended. (I don’t know if this problem shows up on iOS devices.)

Pasting the meeting URL directly into the app works perfectly well. Also there are no problems connecting using the browser itself whether on Android or desktop/laptop.

I don’t know how the Android browser is supposed to work re: launching the app, so I’m not clear how to troubleshoot the issue. I’ve looked at the server configuration and that seems an unlikely source of the problem.

Any help resolving this problem is greatly appreciated.