Meeting room name - duration and password management

I am planning to organize a coderdojo on (hosted service, i don’t run my own instance).

It seems I can just create a room on the fly just by changing the url. this means that the meeting name is never actually destroyed. You just need to type the URL, and voitlà, you are in!
is this correct?

This also means that anyone who finds/guess that URL can end up in my same meeting. Correct?
of course I can set a password, if I want to avoid strangers. But i see a problem here:
let’s say a create a meeting room for my team, called /teamABC. I leave it open for the moment.
Anyone entering that URL can set a password. Which means that I could be kicked off from the room i’ve created. is this right?

What happens to this password-protected room then? is it destroyed after sometime? or will it stay password protected forever?

apologize if this was already explained somewhere, I could not find it.


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