Meeting room has been destroyed when participant took leave while the host / moderator still present in the room

I have installed Jitsi-Meet on a self-hosted Ubuntu server (AWS Lightsail VPS). Now, I’m facing a problem.
When any participant took leave from the meeting, the room has destroyed and all the participants are taken out from the meeting & their window are refreshed automatically while the host / moderator still present in the room.
How do I solve this problem? Can anyone please, help me out from this?

Thanks for your cooperation.

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This is definitely unusual behavior. Did you customize your deployment in any way? It sounds like you might have implemented a custom lua that’s triggering the destruction of the room when a participant exits.

Thank you for your quick reply.
Yes, I did. Actually I installed this software by following this tutorial How To Install Jitsi Meet on Ubuntu 20.04 | DigitalOcean

And I changed the homepage UI by using custom CSS & JS.

Perhaps try reverting the custom changes you made temporarily to see if the issue persists? If not, then re-apply them one at a time till you identify the offending code.