Meeting Recording




I am new to Jitsi video conference. I am looking for open source video conference software which allows to integrate the video conference in web app.

I see Jitsi supports the integration in web app.

Another feature I am looking for is to save the meeting video. I don’t want the meeting video saved in Jitsi Server( I am currently using zoom, where zoom saves the meeting in its server and using an API I am saving the video in my server). I don’t want the video saved on third party server. It should be just on my server.

Is the above feature possible to implement using Jisti?

Can somebody please help me out regarding the above question?

Thank you,


Currently out of the box we support saving the recording to Dropbox, using Dropbox API. In order to do saw the meeting is recorded to the server (jibri is the recording/streaming component) and from there it is uploaded to the user that started the recording dropbox folder.
So with some small modifications on your own deployment this can be uploaded to wherever you like.
Jibri is the component used for recording:, mind that you need one instance of jibri per recording, when you need more recordings simultaneously you need to configure scaling up the number of jibri instances to cover your demand.