Meeting recording


Is there any other way to record a meeting than jibri? A client side alternative maybe.
Also need to save such recording in a local NAS.

You can do a regular screen recording on the client. There are a number of screen recorders out there, just use any that suits you best.

You can install Jibri in your local network too

Yep, well the issue would how to deal with such ‘jibri farm’. That part
it’s not clear to me.

I am also waiting for a better viable alternative that does not consume many resources, and I came across the following project:

There is still a long way to go before it is functional and can be implemented within jitsi but with the current tests it is possible to receive the video of a specific user without the need for chrome and ffmpeg, all receiving the direct video directly through the websockets. Hopefully this project will be completed, since it does not consume many resources on the server, only bandwidth to receive the video.

I meant something integrated. Saw somewhere about a tweak to the code which enable recording from browser. Is possible to add a button allowing the user to select where to save the record?

It is not feasible, to integrate a local recording into jitsi, there are projects in github that you can find, that do it but errors and memory problems can occur. The easiest and most feasible thing is to install an extension for the CHROME browser, I use: