Meeting Recording Not in DropBox

I had a meeting Aug 28 2-4pm EST -US. And the meeting has not shown up in my Dropbox file. How can I get the recording?
The meeting was

Please help, thanks!

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Did you check to make sure you have enough storage space in your dropbox account? If not, free up some space. Sometimes, the recording shows up once there’s sufficient space.

Curious…whenever this question comes up, the answer includes ‘sometimes’.

Anyone know the upload process for sure? May be something on the lines of “upload process keeps retrying…may be until a max count is reached or tries for 24 hours and gives up…” or something like that…

Space doesn’t seem to be an issue. The file still isn’t the folder made by Jitsi- it’s empty

Can someone help me? I have the same problem, though I think my dropbox was indeed full. Then I emptied it, but it doesn’t show up. How can I know if the meeting was recording? Can someone check it for me?
My call’s title is: “IntroducaoDireitoComparadoUERJ” Jitsi Meet
Thank you very much in advance!