Meeting recorder are busy

For last one week experiencing problem with meeting recorder. There is 2048MB of available space in dropbox (approximately 204 minutes of recording).Shows error “Recorder busy.” and not able to record meetings anymore.

Tried clearing all files from dropbox but no change.

I am using Jitsi web iFrame API to connect and create meetings. Therefore, I do not have access to jitsi live server settings.

Any help is highly appreciated.


This usually just means that all the available recorders in your region are being used at the time. You can try again another time to confirm. Because Jitsi is so widely popular and getting more popular by the day, it’s impossible to make resources available to catch up with the exponential growth and demand. If recordings are very important for your meetings, I recommend getting an 8x8 subscription or JaaS; that way, you’re always guaranteed an available recorder. Check it out -