Meeting Link shared can be opened via Jitsi meet app But the same is not on our app

if i use and share a meeting link on my phone… (when I click that link directly) it asks for option to open via browser or open via Jitsi meet app.

but in my case
(I’ve both self-deployed Jitsi meet as well as an app)
Now in my case when I share my link… and the user clicks on it… the user can’t see options to open the link via my app… rather it directly opens in the browser.

Can anyone help me out?

So after trying different approach… I’ve figured out a way to open meeting links via my app… by making changes to my Android Manifest.xml (added Intent filters)

but problem is i’ve to still type in the meeting name… it doesn’t join/create the meeting directly…

I faced with same issue. Any help for it?