Meeting compromised by gigantic chat (3.5M characters)


I am a school IT manager.
We are currently using the API of Jitsi on for our classrooms.
Some students are filling the chat with a hude amount of text:

As the API must manage nearly 3.5 millions characters in 12.5 thousands lines, other functionalities are failing, like voice, cam, screen sharing, etc…

Is there a way to set a maximum chat size in the API ?

Thanks in advance.

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you can disable chat icon, if you dont need it

just remove it in the interface_config file & it wont show up

In fact, I do not want to disable it.
It is quite useful when a student has some audio issues. He can still communicate.
It should be interesting to be able to set a maximum size like 1024, 2048 characters, for instance.

i’m not a programmer… but these modules might give you a clue


Could you tell me more about it ?

sorry, i dont know how to modify it

find someone to see if they can change the code for you