Meet with 100s of viewers? (only view the video from presenter + chat)

Is it possible to setup a meeting/conference (even if its on a hosted solution & not on with > 75 participants - say 100-200 participants - where most of them will be in a view-only mode for a typical classroom scenario?

  • real time viewing of the host / presenter’s video/screen sharing
  • user’s video will be turned off by default
  • chat option for all users to ask questions
  • If participant wants to ask a question, they will raise a hand, then, the video gets enabled (manually by the host or a moderator or automatically for N raised hands) and they come online. After the question (or when the host wants to), the user’s video can be turned off.


  1. Does it make sense to turn of video of individual particpants so that the load on video bridge is reduced and can have more participants?
  2. Assuming it does, we implement this concept of raising hand, user video enabling & disabling etc, what kind of system impact (server load etc) and user experience issues be foreseen?
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