Meet Randomly Drops Mic

Users in my meeting (including me) randomly have our mics muted, even though the mic icon shows it is not. Exiting/Re-Entering the meeting helps about 60% of the time. Other times, you’re stuck with the group not being able to hear you.

This is not a “me” issue, as all users in my meeting have experienced this at one time or another.

Have you noticed for those that this happens, what is the browser used and its version?
Is it happening for the second participant joining the call?
Is this on or your own deployment? If it is self-hosted what jitsi-meet version you have there?
Is it happening after one shares a tab in chrome with audio enabled for that tab sharing?

Chrome, latest.
It has happened several times for all users.
It is on
There is no tab-sharing.

When this happens can you save the browser js console logs from the participant that is not heard and from one participant that is not hearing?
Also note the ids of those participants (from the local stats):

And upload it here or send it to me in a private message.

When someone is not heard, everyone is not hearing that participant or some are hearing others are not?
Also in what region are you located?


I will have to wait until the next meeting to do so.
The ids of all users are green/good.
Sometimes everyone loses another user’s mic audio and sometimes only a couple of users lose another user’s mic audio. It’s quite random.
We are in the Southwestern United States.

When I said to note the participant id, I mean to check the “Participant Id” from the local stats, to say user xyz is not hearing and user abc is not being heard.