Meet Quality with WebSocket Errors

I am having some issues with quality on my Jitsi Meet calls. When someone joins the call the video quality drops to LD. When I join a meeting by myself it shows as HD. I have Jitsi behind an Nginx Proxy with a direct port forward from my router for port 10000. I’ve tried adjusting settings within the /etc/jitsi/meet/config.js to no avail. I have 300Mbps Internet so bandwidth shouldn’t be an issue. Even when I join a meeting with 2 devices on the same network the quality doesn’t go above LD.

I also notice I get WebSocket errors while in the meeting as well and curious if that might be related to my quality issue.

I would really like to be able to have the call quality be better than LD.

Welcome to the community. Definitely sounds like a websocket issue - doesn’t seem like the sockets are being engaged. What version of Jitsi are you running?

2021-01-16 20_37_35-Window

That’s weird; you have the latest version.
What are your server specs?

What is your nginx config and jvb config?

Here is my NGinx config:

Here is my JVB Conf:
videobridge {
http-servers {
public {
port = 9090
websockets {
enabled = true
domain = “
tls = true

Server specs:
1 core CPU @ 2.4GHz and 1-GB of Memory

Your nginx config is missing the websocket definition for connecting to the bridge:

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That did the trick. I can now get SD and HD video quality. I did notice I do still get some xmpp errors

Though since video quality is stable and working Im not sure if these need to be addressed for now

Yep, that is strange. @bbaldino do you have an idea? These are the latest stable versions.

Hm, yeah that is very weird. @Tony_G , are you sending any custom JSON messages over the BridgeChannel (using an EndpointMessage), perhaps? Anything showing up in the bridge logs?

After monitoring it some more it the XMPP errors now seem to only occur during a client disconnect. When I compare the logs to the errors I dont see anything that would indicate an issue. Client disconnected at 21:53:00. Got XMPP error at 21:53:01