Meet Jitsi vs. "Jitsi" (Desktop app,formerly known as Jitsi SIP Communicator)

There is some confusion at to distinguish above mentioned Jitsi services here. May be you can help a little?

And BTW:
Download | Jitsi tells that it is possible also to download “Jitsi Meet”, and indeed, in the source I see a link to ‘’, in the “Development” dropdown. But that IMHO is something different to “download here”. And nobody will check a Dev link if he wants to DOWNLOAD. And there is a hint “If you are looking for Jitsi Meet, …”.

I think the “Jitsi Meet” hint should be dropped.

And BTW: The “LibJitsi” -ink to in the Dev. Dropdown leads to Error 404. Can someone please check and repair?



That is there to show to those that confuse the Legacy Jitsi Desktop with Jitsi Meet.

Well, my request “check + repair” was concerning the red encircled words, not concerning the green encircled ones.

I see. Is it better now?

That was quick!
Yes, download pate text looks perfect for me.

And I see, also the LibJitsi link now works fine.