Meet jitsi on your computer, does ip address or other data get exposed?


If you install meet jitsi on your own computer or server then what data about you gets
on the internet?

Does your ip address get exposed? Other data?


If you are hosting your own jitsi-meet deployment, you anyway need to set up the DNS of the server so people can connect to it and its IP address is exposed.

If you are asking, what happens when you are just using any jitsi-meet deployment, for example, then your ip-address is exposed, as this is how webrtc works (you address is exposed mainly because of p2p connections). You can deploy your own instance and disable p2p, then only the deployment will have the information about your ip, not the other participants in the call.
If you setup avatar in your profile config, that information is also available to the other participants, to be able to show your avatar.


Thank you.
I am not knowledgeable on this. If I set up my own meet jitsi instance on
my in house server then people I communicate
with will get an ip such that they can do a whois about my location?

Also if I communicate on those at the other end get my ip address
such they can do a whois about my location?


Yes this is possible.

Yes, but this is true for whatever service you want to run at home, people will need to know your ip address. But you can always use a vm no some provider and use their ip address to setup the VM.


If I am on then how come the other caller gets my ip address? Couldn’t
the mask my ip address? If the other caller is a person you do not
know you may not want to have him be able to do a whois.


Which is?


Well, it is a browser thing, jitst-meet does not show or reveal your address, but everyone can open chrome://webrtc-internals and can find it among all the ip addresses and streams, not easy but it is possible to do it. This how webrtc and rtc apps work, there must be a knowledge where to send streams.


VM (Virtual Machine) is a server hosted at a cloud provider using an IP address from the range assigned to the provider. One can still find that IP address, but won’t connect it directly to you. One can still find out who you are by monitoring your other activities and comparing them, and of course the provider will know who you are. In fact the provider will have more info about you, because of the billing, compared to just sourcing your IP from the webrtc media. Please have in mind that everything you do on the Internet reveals some details about you – it’s the way sharing of information works. Real privacy is not in hiding everything about you, but in carefully managing the information and the details of the identity you share.


Thank you.

you do on the Internet reveals some details about you

Why I asked to get to know what data discloses to the other