taking too much CPU resources?

Have been using Jitsi meetings on a MacBook Air without problems for a while. Now though, as soon as the meeting starts, even with only one other participant, my Mac is overheating and the fan is on constantly throughout a call. This has never happened before running any other kind of program or video stream or Zoom etc. Any ideas please?

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What browser are you using? Can you try with another browser and see if that helps?

Hi Freddie, thanks, I’m using Safari as it’s a Mac, version 13.2, I suppose I could download another browser and try that, yes, but I guess I have been thinking it’s a problem with Jitsi rather than Safari suddenly developing an unknown fault…? However if there are no better ideas I will try that!

Yes, try with Chrome or any chromium-based browser first to confirm.

unfortunately something as gone awry in your reasoning; browsers and the web are for better or worse a dynamic thing and evolution is going really fast, Chromium is setting the pace breaking things left and right, and it’s necessary to follow this race more or less. Safari is not going so fast so changes in Jitsi could create an incompatibility especially if you are not upgrading your browser. Jitsi project is committed to stay compatible with the Apple platform and if you can explain that your Apple system fully up to date is not working as it should, some Jitsi devs could be interested.

I have the same problem with facing same issue but no response from anyone and couldn’t find this topic troubleshooting in search engine.

well I did check on Chrome and it’s the same. And yes I do accept any updates offered and other similar programmes such as Zoom and Whats App continue to work as normal… So it still looks like Jitsi to me!

Thanks BERGERSAU, this sounds like a useful lead. Maybe I will try this on my Thinkpad, as Jitsi no longer works on Safari. But I guess this fix only applies to Firefox?

can you do a test with an older Jitsi version ? there is a list of public instances here:

You can check the installed version by using curl, for example:

curl -k | grep stylesheet
rel=“stylesheet” href=“css/all.css?v=5211.1878”>

if you see something like 4628 instead of 5211, you’ll know that it’s using a much older Jitsi version. You can also just open a room, if it’s the old design with three buttons at the bottom instead of a toolbar, it’s a rather old version. If you find an instance without the problem, check the version, then open a Github issue with the instance where you do not see the problem and its version, and your exact Os and browser versions.

Edit: did you check recently ? it seems that switched to a newer codec (VP9) and did switch back just now to VP8 for unrelated reasons so it could be VP9 that was heating your computer since VP8 is often supported in hardware.

Thanks Patel, this sounds like a good line of enquiry but I’m not a developer and I don’t really understand the steps well enough to try this myself. Maybe I will try uninstalling Jitsi and installing a fresh copy, that is about the limits of my technical ability I’m afraid!